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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An ImportanOff-Topic Message

I rarely go off-topic on Literary Corner Cafe, but I wanted to bring my readers an important message from PETA:

In our most recent e-mail, we asked you to post a message on Primary Children's Medical Center's (PCMC) Facebook wall opposing its cruel and archaic cat intubation laboratory scheduled for this Monday, February 14. It appears that PCMC has disabled its Facebook account in order to prevent compassionate people like you from posting public messages criticizing the facility's inhumane training exercise.

During this harmful exercise, cats will have hard plastic tubes forced down their delicate windpipes for intubation training—even though modern, superior simulators are available and widely used across the country for this very purpose.

PCMC can try to ignore the recommendations of leading medical organizations and experts in the field who strongly endorse the use of simulators for intubation training—but we can't allow PCMC to ignore your voice!

Please take a moment to call PCMC's Pediatric Education Services Department at 1-800-910-7262 and politely ask the facility to replace the use of animals in the upcoming Transport Conference with modern and humane simulators.

Thank you for keeping the pressure on PCMC!


Justin Goodman
Associate Director
Laboratory Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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