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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm in Love With Short Fiction - Again

I've rediscovered my love for short fiction over the last year or so. After taking a writing workshop on the art and craft of the short story, I fell in love with writing short fiction as well as reading it. I wasn't too happy with my voice, though, but constant, day-to-day writing has cured that problem.

My writing mentor and writing partner encouraged me to submit one of my stories to a major literary publication, so I did. I hope for the best, but expect nothing at all. I have two other stories entered in two contests, so we'll see if I even make the top twenty-five! LOL You never know what someone will like. A different judge would probably choose a different story. One of the great things about literature is its subjectivity. What concerns me most about writing is that I gain the ability to produce a really first rate story, and I think I'm getting there. My two most recent stories are excellent. If the competition judges don't like them, then they don't, but I'm happy.

I'm also very engrossed in reading short fiction again - when I have the time. (My new clothing line, which pays the bills, has been taking nearly all my time.) I'm rediscovering Chekhov, Katherine Mansfield, James Joyce, all my favorites. Life is good!

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