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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reading Groups: How Large or Small Should Your Group Be?

Any time two or more people get together on a regular basis to discuss a book, those people are taking part in a reading group. Two people, however, aren’t really enough to provide the stimulating discussion and variety of opinion that form the basis of any really superior reading group.

Here at Literary Corner CafĂ©, we feel the ideal size for a reading group is between eight and twelve members. Some people might prefer a smaller, cozier group, but if several members drop out or can’t make it to a meeting, for whatever reason, then there might not be enough people in attendance for good conversation.

On the other hand, a group larger than twelve will almost certainly lose the cozy, informal feel most readers prefer and will need to be run on a more formal basis, almost certainly with the aid of a formal moderator. When all’s said and done, it really depends on personal preference.

Large groups also restrict your choice of meeting place. Whether you decide to meet in a private home, a restaurant, or in a coffee shop, a large group is going to be more unwieldy and sometimes, more unwelcome.

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