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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Boris Pasternak

Happy Belated Birthday to Boris Pasternak - February 10, 1890. Without this Nobel prize winning author's wonderful Doctor Zhivago, we would have never had the David Lean film adaptation. Many of us, and I am one, were only inspired to read the book after watching the film.

While I love both book and film, and no one could better portray Yuri Zhivago than Omar Sharif or the beautiful Lara better than the still beautiful Julie Christie, the book is richer and deeper and the background of the Russian Revolution is delved into far more deeply. But, I can't read the book every month. I don't have the time and I'll admit - I'm not a fast reader. However, I can watch the DVD set of the film every month, or even every two weeks.

Whether book or movie, Doctor Zhivago is a story I never grow tired of. The sweeping epic of the Russian Revolution that takes us from Moscow to the Urals, interwoven with the intimate love story of a truly good, good man torn between the love of two beautiful and very good women is - simply irresistible.

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