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Monday, December 3, 2007

Why do I want yet another book for Christmas?

I guess I want another book for Christmas because I'm a book lover, a bibliophile. It's now cold where I live and I love to read during the winter months when outside activities just aren't as much fun for me. During the winter, my attention turns especially to Victorian mysteries, whether actually written during the Victorian age or simply books that have successfully adopted the Victorian style. Lately, I've been reading The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox but making slow progress due to all the work Literary Corner Cafe requires.

Now I've asked for Palliser's The Quincunx for Christmas. Why? LOL It's a huge book, but it's also a book that fascinates me and a book I've been meaning to read for quite some time. And I've heard several people say The Quincunx is a lot like The Meaning of Night only better. So, I can't resist! I'm also a fan of intricately plotted books as I love intricate plotting in my own work.

In the meantime, hundreds of as yet unread books sit on my shelves and my huge, beautiful site awaits. Today, I may post a screen shot of what we've done so far with the main page of Literary Corner Cafe so people aren't directed to the ugly Network Solutions page.

It seems I have nearly around-the-clock work to do right now - addressing Christmas cards, baking cookies for the little ones in my life, buying and wrapping presents, putting up decorations and the tree, and today I'm supposed to get my hair done. But the site takes first priority with me. When did it not? :)

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